Innovative pig fattening

The Agrosort System – is revolutionary technology!


The Agrosort is not just an automatic sorting scale. In the following text we will enlighten you about advantages and innovations of the patent pending system. We, the Company AGROTRUST, use Agrosort system effectively in our pig fattening planning to get optimal results of fattening process.

Basic functions:

•    Sorting pigs by weight
•    Sorting of pigs to the appropriate feeding places
•    Pig marking
•    Data storage and analysis
•    Pig sorting for sale

Any standart conventional system can guide animals into up to three areas. Our system can guide the pigs into unlimited number of areas, upon customer request. The Agrosort can cope with fattened pigs in groups of up to 600 animals.

For comparison:

Standard system

1.    Sorting by light weight
2.    Sorting by medium weight
3.    orting by heavy weight

Agrosort system

1.    Sorting by light weight
2.    Sorting by medium weight
3.    Sorting by heavy weight
4.    Sorting for sale

In the standard system, the animals are sorted for sale in the "heavy" area. These animals shouldn´t eat for 24 hours before slaughter, i.e. the feeding place is manually converted by the farmer into the waiting area, so the other pigs can no longer use this area.

With our Agrosort System this process is completely automatic. Once the animals are ready for slaughter, the farmer enters the desired number of pigs. The system sorts the pigs into a separate fourth "waiting area". From this area, the animals can be loaded stress-free and easily. This area can also be used for pig vaccination or similar procedures.



The pigs enter the Agrosort and are sorted according to their weight to the appropriate easy, medium or heavy feeding place. The feed kitchen mixes the required feed and conveys it to the appropriate feeding place. Every pig gets only the necessary amount of food. Thus, the group increases evenly in weight. No animal is put at a disadvantage and feed costs are saved. Higher profit!


Our system saves more space in comparison with conventional barns, the control equipment is eliminated. A farmer can move freely through the stable and pigs can avoid conflict with each other. It is ideal for conversions of old pigsties.


WEAN-to-FINISH is gaining more and more in agriculture. How the Agrosort system is applied to large groups of pigs? After a piglet is separated from the sow, it weighs about 7-8 kg. At slaughter, the animal weighs between 115 - 120 kg. In normal standard systems, the front door of the sorting scale opens completely and the basket width of the scale must be adjusted manually to the weight of the animals.

With our Agrosort system, all this happens automatically. The Agrosort is based on the starting weight of the pigs and adapts accordingly. The front door of the sorting scale opens only when necessary and the basket width of the scale automatically adapts to the weight of the pigs. Thus, there is always only one pig in the Agrosort. It all occurs automatically and human errors are greatly reduced.

The company KORMATEC is a German company, with the head office  in Germany

The Agrosort  was developed and produced on the basis of many years of experience in German pig – breeding sector.

Other options of the system:

• Microchip pig identification
• communication with the other systems
• In conjunction with the AGROFEED system, an automatic feeding process occurs