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Pig breeding

Poultry growing

Conveyor technology


Who we are:

We are a young, medium-sized German company with a wide range of services for modern stables:

  • Manufacture and delivery of agricultural equipment, spare parts and components
  • Installation, assembly and technical support
  • Customized conveyor technology and machinery


What we do:

AGROTRUST has specialized departments of piggery, poultry fattening and conveyor technology.
Our specialists work in accordance with individual requirements and create optimal concept for each client:

  • Development of technologies and equipment configuration
  • Preparation of technical solutions
  • Business proposals and contracts
  • Freight and logistics services
  • Assembly of the components


 We develop new products and improve the existing technologies!



Innovative pig fattening

The Agrosort System – is revolutionary technology!


The Agrosort is not just an automatic sorting scale. In the following text we will enlighten you about advantages and innovations of the patent pending system. We, the Company AGROTRUST, use Agrosort system effectively in our pig fattening planning to get optimal results of fattening process.

Basic functions:

•    Sorting pigs by weight
•    Sorting of pigs to the appropriate feeding places
•    Pig marking
•    Data storage and analysis
•    Pig sorting for sale

Any standart conventional system can guide animals into up to three areas. Our system can guide the pigs into unlimited number of areas, upon customer request. The Agrosort can cope with fattened pigs in groups of up to 600 animals.

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